Friday, February 20, 2009

Le Publicite pt 2

Well, this has been an interesting week. Tete Carre got mentioned on the web page for Christiane Charette, who my friend Simon was nice enough to explain is a really big deal. Beats me, I don't even listen to American radio. But, a big hearty red blooded American "HELLO" to all my referred readers from the Great White Gallic north...

From what I can gather the point of interest of the show was that so much of the musical history of Quebec has been neglected and has languished without simple, proper reissues of classic records. Being a stereotypical record nerd who avoids CDs like the plague, I don't know a lot about that, but one can't help but notice the shoddy presentation value of much of the reissue CD's for Quebecois artists.

Many artists seem to not have classic albums available on CD in their original form, instead being represented by Best Of compilations, which omit beloved b-sides and album cuts. Very few Quebec artists have their discographies available in their entirety.

So, your average everyday Quebec music fan does not currently have access to many of the albums he grew up on, unless he's managed to hold on to all his old records. Apparently, at the end of the piece, it's mentioned that blogs are a great source of some of this out of print music. On the web page for the show, Tete Carre, along with mis amis off to the right in the "fellow travelers" section of my links are listed as resources. This is an amazing honor, and it blows me away to think that my outsider interest in Quebecois music gets noticed by national radio in Quebec.

So, with that out of the way, I had better put a post up quick so some of the people pouring in via the link have some reason to return to my knuckleheaded semi-ignorant corner of the Quebecois music blogging empire!


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