Monday, January 14, 2013

Sheila: L'Agent Secret (pt 2)

I realize I have not updated in a long time. I haven't had a chance to go to Montreal in a while, so I don't have that many new French records to write about. But, rather than use that as an excuse, I'll try to take advantage of the huge amount of French and Quebecois videos that are on Youtube that weren't when I started this blog!

The song above, "L'Agent Secret" is by Sheila and was one of the first songs I posted about way back in 2007. It is still really awesome. However, the video clip is about 100 times better.

First of all, Sheila looks like a stone fox in that black jumpsuit. The fact that she is also sporting those long pigtails gives both the S&M contingent and schoolgirl fetishists something to enjoy.

As for the video itself, there is literally nothing "modsier" in the world than a girl frugging while doing karate kicks with James Bond cut-outs in the background. And all while lip-synching.

At about two minutes in, there is an extended choreographed fight sequence that even involves someone getting hit over the head with a chair. Jackie Chan would be proud. This is all done to the beat of a fuzz guitar solo/freakout section that is NOT in the version I have on 7" EP. Naturally, this set off a spree of frantic googling to find out if this longer alternative version was on an LP. Turns out it wasn't, but it is available as a CD bonus track. In fact, there are four different versions of "L'Agent Secret" on the bonus CD, including two labeled as TV versions. I curious as to what the other TV version is, as the one in this video sounds the same to me (it is cool to see the fight sequence is the same as well!).

Of course, none of Sheila's versions can hold a candle to the immortal Rene, a man who seems to have a Youtube channel dedicated to him singing along and dancing to Sheila's records in his lavishly modsy apartment.


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