Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ce soir c'est ma fête pt. II

Yes, Kiss and Tell's annual French pop night is here again! Last year was a blast, Melody Nelson played some great stuff, and I got to play Luc Cousineau for a dancefloor... This year I am going to bring everything from Ye Ye to Quebecois disco, with a few stops inbetween. I promise to play Le Rap a Mad Dog...
For those who can't read the fine print, it's Thursday March 19 at Coco 66 in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Ce soir c'est ma fête- Les Sound Track

Les Soundtracks are probably best known for their track "STP", which was featured on one of the Freak Out Total comps. They were a garage band from
Trois-Rivières, Quebec. They only put out 2 45's, this is the A-side of their first one. All in all, it may be the weakest of their 4 sides, but hey, it fits the theme... Oh, and it's a cover of "Birthday" by the Beatles.


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