Saturday, March 28, 2009

Jean Claude Vannier

Jean Claude Vannier is probably best known for arranging Histoire de Melody Nelson for Serge Gainsbourg. He worked with most of the other big names in French Pop of the early 70's from Polnareff to Hallyday.

However, he also put out some interesting solo records and soundtrack work, the most revered probably being his 1973 album "L’enfant assassin des mouches,” a concept record of sorts. All in all, I think it's an OK album. It certainly has some peaks, but it can be dull in parts. Luckily, the Youtube clip above features some of the better music of the album, performed live for a Yves Saint Laurant fashion show from 1973.

This clip has made the rounds on the internet, but it's certainly worth posting again. Also, thought I'd bump my recent Eddy Mitchell post.


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