Friday, December 18, 2009

Les Classels

Les Classels are best known as a wacky early 60's pop group in Quebec. However, they had a long career and eventually recorded a disco Christmas song of sorts in the late 70's as Gilles Girard Et Les Super Classels. The song, "Les Trois Cloches", was best known in the Francophone world as an Edith Piaf song. The lyrics are about a vaguely Christ-like birth as far as I can tell... Anyways, Les Classels, in a bid for being one with the kids and whatnot, decided to cut a disco version in 1977 (keep in mind, Les Classels formed in 1962)...

They released a few more disco themed records in 1977 and 78 and none of them are particulary good. I was just posting "Les Trois Cloches" in an attempt to be topical. The instrumental flipside, "Disco Cloches" is groovy enough on its own, though.

However, turning back the clock to the late 60's, Les Classels did release some cool sounding rock stuff, a real hodge podge of fuzzy guitar, horns, and straight vocals. "Je M'Eveille" is a favorite of mine, from the late 60's. It is far better than a record from a band with a square reputation like Les Classels should have!

Sorry for the brevity of this post, but I am about to go on vacation and wanted to put SOMETHING up for December.


Tres Cloches

Je M'Eveille