Friday, March 19, 2010

Le 25 Regiment pt III

I have done some previous posts on 25e Regiment, and I have had a request for a reposting of one of their LP's. Rather than a a simple repost with no new material, I thought I would also post another IMAGINARY EP, this one consisting of Le 25e Regiment's material on Tony Roman's Revolution label. They produced 3 singles for Revolution, which came out around 1969-70 (if my hunches are correct...).

These are some of my favorite singles from the late 60's/early 70's era. Taken as a whole, the 6 songs are a great representation of Le 25e Regiment. There is a nice mix of covers and original material. The covers are of "Venus" by the Shocking Blue and "Evil Ways" by Santana (credited here as "Ballade" by J.Zack and G.Thurston). I have already done one post on the Georges Thurston original "Toute All-Dress", but the other originals are solid as well, with "L'Ange De Los Angeles" being a particular favorite of mine. This stuff has elements of garage, psych, pop (and even funk), yet it's somehow none of the above.

Georges Thurston went on to greater fame as Boule Noir, but this is my favorite material by him. He never seemed this raw again. Which is not to denigrate his later material in any way, but hearing an r&b artist do rock material in this manner is interesting to me.

The other LP I am posting is a repost of Le 25e Regiment's earlier LP. To me, this stuff is OK, just a little uptight and unfunky compared to the stuff on Revolution.

Le 25e Regiment- The Revolution Singles

Le 25e Regiment- Ecology