Friday, February 26, 2010

Claire Lepage pt. II

While my last post on Claire Lepage focused on her more obscure hard rock material with the band Compagnie, I decided I would do a quicky post featuring material from the tail end of her Ye Ye girl solo career, specifically the track "La Souris Et La Guitare" from 1967.

Sadly, since I do not have this on 45, but on a "Disques D'or" LP, I do not know who produced it. My gut says it was Michel Pagliaro, as it is heavy on the guitar side of things. The tune itself is a delicate, mournful sort of melody in waltz time. I am not sure how to describe it genre-wise; maybe it borders on that "baroque pop" thing people seem to like so much nowadays... You could sort of see it as being a Kinks song circa "Something Else." Anyways, the guitar (as benefiting the title) is quite gnarley, and for a straight pop song from 1967, it's practically Sonny Sharrock... really... If it is NOT Pag strangling those strings, I would like to know the identity of this mystery man...

La Souris Et La Guitare- Claire Lepage